An Attorney with Experience Representing Criminal and Civil Cases

James Colgan has over a quarter of a century of trial experience from both sides of the courtroom, including the prosecution and defense in criminal trials. He has also represented plaintiffs in civil lawsuits.    When you or a family member need a lawyer in Colorado, the Law Offices of James Colgan are the legal team for you.


Personal Injury


Criminal Law

An Attorney with Experience

James Colgan previously worked as a deputy sheriff and a police officer. However, he soon realized that he had more passion for the application of the law, rather than its enforcement. During his legal education, he trained extensively in litigation and trial work, and he has been a trial lawyer since he graduated from law school.

Attorney Colgan began his career in the office of the district attorney, advocating for victims of serious crimes from DUI to sexual assault to homicide. As Chief Deputy District Attorney, he conducted numerous trials successfully, getting justice for the victims and removing dangerous criminals from the streets.

Attorney Colgan realized that he had a passion for helping people navigate the complicated legal system and supporting them as they get their lives back on track. He left the prosecution to advocate for people. He helps them get the benefits they are entitled to by law, whether that’s statutory compensation in a personal injury case or the strongest defense for a criminal defendant.

Representation in Criminal and Civil Cases

In criminal cases, Attorney Colgan represents people who have been accused of crimes, saving them from overcharging and wrongful convictions. As a former prosecutor, he has experience in the trial process from both sides of the court.

In civil cases, Attorney Colgan represents victims who have been injured by another’s intentional harmful acts or negligence.

His most important work takes place outside the courtroom. Attorney Colgan’s team at the Law Offices of James Colgan prepares cases diligently and comprehensively. Their outstanding preparation allows them to negotiate successful settlements on behalf of their clients, protecting them from lowball offers. Hundreds of his personal injury cases have resulted in reasonable compensation for his clients.

Attorney Colgan’s legal skills have enabled him to build cases that lead to dismissals of all charges or lesser pleas for most of his criminal defense clients.

A former client described Attorney Colgan as a “pit bull in the courtroom.” He is a fierce advocate for his clients, with trial experience in the form of a rare blend of prosecution and defense in criminal matters and the plaintiff’s counsel in civil cases.

He has received peer recognition for his trial work, as well. In 2018, James Colgan was voted a “Top 100” trial lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers organization.

If you find yourself a victim in a personal injury case or facing a criminal charge, call the Law Offices of James Colgan. His team is passionate about making the best case for you. They will help you understand your options, prepare your case with attention to detail, and guide you through to the settlement and resolution.