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Indecent Exposure Lawyers in Denver

Indecent exposure charges may not be the most serious sex crimes cases, but they can still bring harsh penalties with lasting consequences. For those accused of indecent exposure in Denver, there may only be one chance to set the record straight and defend themselves. When that time comes, those who want skilled advocacy and strategic representation turn to Denver Indecent Exposure Attorney James Colgan.

With more than 25 years of experience in the justice system, Denver Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney, James Colgan has extensive knowledge of the law and deep insight into how prosecutors build their cases. He is also a fierce advocate in and outside the courtroom, fighting for his clients and the best possible outcomes every step of the way.

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When Can Indecent Exposure Charges Be Filed in Colorado?

The criminal offense of indecent exposure is defined as:

  • Intentionally exposing one’s genitals to another for the purposes of sexual gratification, regardless of whether that is for the individual exposing himself and/or the viewer(s)
  • Simulated or real masturbation in public, regardless of whether nudity is involved, the genitals are somehow covered, or the act is simply a ruse intended to upset others

With indecent exposure charges, it’s essential to know that location matters. When the exposure occurs in secluded areas or areas where nudity will not cause an affront, there can be room to argue that there is no basis for the charges.

How Serious Are Indecent Exposure Charges in Denver?

The severity of these charges will depend on whether the accused individual has prior convictions for indecent exposure or a similar sex offense. The following table shows the different charges typically filed for indecent exposure in Colorado, along with the penalties that each brings in the event of a conviction.

Indecent Exposure Offense Charges Jail or Prison Time Fines & Other Penalties
First Class 1 Misdemeanor Up to 18 mos. (jail) Up to $,5000
2+ Priors Class 6 Felony 12 to 18 mos. (prison) $1,000 to $100,000
1 year of parole
Sex offender registration

With indecent exposure charges in Colorado, it’s crucial to note that they are distinct from the lesser (Class 1 petty offense) charges of public indecency. While indecent exposure involves knowingly exposing genitalia or intimate body parts to another for the purposes of sexual gratification, public indecency is the act of exposing oneself or engaging in a sex act somewhere within public view.

How Can I Defend Myself Against Indecent Exposure Charges?

There can be several ways to defend against indecent exposure charges in Denver, and the facts and evidence of a case will determine the best strategies for the defense. In general, some options can include arguing that:

  • The allegations are false.
  • The accused has been wrongly identified as the alleged perpetrator.
  • There were no “victims,” so the act did not upset, alarm, or offend anyone.
  • The defendant did not intend for the exposure to occur.

Choose a Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Who Will Fight for You at Every Step: Contact the Law Office of James Colgan, LLC

If you or a loved one has been accused of indecent exposure, there can be a lot to lose—and there can be a lot of options for defending you against the allegations. To discover your best defense options and get trial-tested advocacy from a 5-star Denver indecent exposure defense lawyer, contact the Law Offices of James Colgan.

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The sooner you understand your rights and defense options, the sooner you can make the right moves to protect yourself. Get the advice and experienced representation you need when it’s time to defend your good name and seek a fair, favorable outcome—get Denver Sex Crimes Defense Attorney James Colgan in your corner.

Trial-tested and recognized for his record of success, Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer James Colgan is the attorney you can turn to when it’s time to navigate the complicated legal system, put up the fight of your life, and set your defense case up for a successful resolution.

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