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You can be facing the fight of your life whenever you find yourself accused of sex crimes. Beyond the humiliation of an arrest and the fear that serious criminal charges can bring, the possibility of conviction can be overwhelming. Beyond that, the penalties that follow can be devastating to you and your family.

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For those accused of misdemeanor or felony sex crimes in the Denver metro area, the sooner they contact Attorney James Colgan, the better. With more than 25 years of trial experience from both sides of the courtroom, Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer, James Colgan has what it takes to present strong, persuasive defense cases against an array of sex crime charges.

As a fierce advocate for his clients, Attorney James Colgan is known as a “pit bull in the courtroom” who saves his clients from overcharging and wrongful convictions. He is also known for his extraordinary skills, strategic representation, and record of success. Find out your best defense option and how Attorney James Colgan can help you today.

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Trial-tested and recognized for his record of success, Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer, James Colgan is the attorney you can turn to when it’s time to navigate the complicated legal system, put up the fight of your life, and set your defense case up for a successful resolution.

Sexual Assault

Charges of sexual assault in Colorado can be filed as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the age of the alleged victim, whether force was allegedly used, the nature of the alleged sexual contact, and many other factors specific to a case. No matter how severe the sexual assault charges are, these cases often rest on questions of consent and witness credibility, among other things.

Rape & Date Rape

Sexual assault involving the penetration of the victim is considered rape. When this offense occurs between acquaintances, friends, exes, or romantic partners, it’s usually referred to as date rape. Both rape and date rape are felony sex offenses in Colorado that can be punishable by years of prison time, expensive fines, lengthy parole terms, and the requirement to register as a sex offender. As serious as rape charges and cases can be, however, there can be several ways to defend against these allegations.

Statutory Rape

As another form of sexual assault, statutory rape involves any sexual intrusion or penetration with a minor younger than 17, which is the age of consent in Colorado. There are some exceptions to this, including marriage and the close-in-age exemption. Outside of these exceptions, statutory rape charges can be filed as misdemeanors or felonies, regardless of whether the victim allegedly “consented” to the sexual activity.

Child Pornography

Colorado law criminalizes making, sharing, and possessing sexually explicit pictures and videos featuring minors. While more severe felonies are reserved for cases involving production or distribution, elevated charges and penalties can also come into play when the accused has a criminal record or larger volumes of illicit materials are involved. The exact nature of the charges, along with the circumstances and evidence of the case, can impact the best defense strategies for child pornography cases.

Child Sexual Assault

Allegations of child sexual assault are felony charges in Colorado. Generally, these charges are filed when there are allegations of sexual contact or touching between a minor who is 15 or younger and an assailant who is at least 4 years older. When the accused individual is a teacher, coach, priest, or someone else who holds a position of trust in relation to the alleged victim, more serious charges and potential penalties can come into play.

Deregistering/Removal from the Sex Offender List

Sex offender registration is a penalty commonly imposed after convictions for misdemeanor and felony sex crimes. While court orders can require registration for years, Colorado law does provide a means for seeking removal from the state’s sex offender registry. Eligibility for removal will depend on various factors, including the charge(s) associated with the prior conviction, how long ago the prior conviction occurred, and more.

Internet Sex Crimes

Electronic communications with a child that are sexually explicit in nature can be met with felony criminal charges in Colorado. The severity of those charges can depend on several factors, from the alleged intent of the communications to the criminal history of the accused. If an internet sex crime involves an alleged victim and defendant who live in different states, federal charges may be filed. If they are, the potential penalties can be far more severe.

Lewd Acts

Lewd conduct can include a range of sexual behaviors or the exposure of intimate body parts in public view or in public areas. While Colorado law does not have specific “lewd conduct charges,” it does provide indecent exposure charges and public indecency charges as options when lewd acts allegedly occur. Depending on the circumstances involved, someone accused of lewd conduct in Denver could face anywhere from a Class 1 petty offense to Class 6 felony charges.

Indecent Exposure

The act of intentionally exposing one’s genitalia to another for the purposes of sexual gratification can be met with Class 1 misdemeanor charges in Colorado. For those facing indecent exposure charges for a third or subsequent time, the charges can be elevated to Class 6 felony charges, which can bring up to 18 months in prison and up to $100,000 in fines in the event of conviction.

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If you are facing a sex crime charge, you need a strong defense to give yourself the best chances of optimal outcomes. You need Denver Sex Crimes Defense Attorney James Colgan. Passionate, experienced, and diligent, Attorney James Colgan can help you understand and pursue your best defense options. He can also help you anticipate and surmount the challenges ahead while fighting relentlessly for the best possible resolution.

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Denver Sex Crimes Defense Attorney James Colgan always strives to position cases for reduced charges, lesser pleas, dismissals, and/or acquittals. With experience as a deputy sheriff and a police officer, he has extraordinary knowledge, skills, and resources that you can rely on for a strong defense when it matters most.

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