Out of State DUI

Being Charged With a Dui in Colorado While Visiting From Out of State

Law enforcement won’t admit it, but there is plenty of evidence that out-of-state motorists are more likely to be stopped, and more likely to be cited, than local motorists.

Out-of-state plates are one way an officer knows you are from out of town. The other way is when plates return to a rental car. Not only are visitors more likely to be stopped and cited, fighting traffic charges can be more difficult for those from out of town.

When it comes to driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while ability impaired (DWAI), law enforcement and municipal court systems already count on motorists to quickly and quietly plead guilty in an effort to put an embarrassing incident behind them. Our drunk driving defense lawyers in Denver have talked about why that is a mistake. Instead of putting an incident behind them, they have ensured it will remain on their permanent driving record indefinitely, and perhaps forever. Nor can a drunk driving conviction be sealed or expunged once a motorist understands the professional consequences of disclosing a conviction, or grows tired of frequent targeting and traffic stops by law enforcement. .

Colorado DUI Out-of-State Defense

Our Denver DUI defense lawyers take special care in working with visitors and guests who face criminal charges while visiting the Denver area. When it comes to DUI or DWAI, an experienced drunk driving defense attorney may be able to attend court hearings on your behalf, and even have your presence waived with the judge’s permission. In most cases, you can fight the charges without ever being forced to return to Denver to defend yourself.

In any event, an experienced defense lawyer in Denver can minimize the inconvenience and disruption associated with mounting a defense. Even if a defendant is required to return at some point, the inconvenience and expense are well worth the effort when it comes to fighting to keep a drunk driving conviction off your record.

DUI/DWAI Defense in Colorado

It’s important to understand that the penalties for a conviction for DUI or DWAI in Colorado, will follow you to your home state. In fact, you could well face criminal and administrative penalties and sanctions in both states! You may face additional complications when it comes to having your driver’s license reinstated early. While it’s a common practice in Colorado, and your Denver DUI defense lawyer may well be able to minimize the inconvenience of license suspensions or restrictions, Colorado courts lack the jurisdiction to remove restrictions in your home state once a conviction occurs.

Your Denver defense lawyer can also work with the courts on a number of other issues, including allowing you to complete community service requirements or alcohol and drug courses in your home state. The earlier you reach out for legal help, the better an experienced local attorney can protect your rights. Never ignore the charges and assume you will not be found in your home state. You will likely face more serious charges, including driver’s license revocation,  in addition to the original criminal and administrative traffic case.

The best way to defend yourself against significant criminal and administrative sanctions, and bureaucratic headaches in two states, is to reach out for the help of an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer in Denver as soon as possible after you are charged. Remember, police can charge you with whatever they want. What matters is whether you are convicted in a court of law.

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