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If you are charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law Offices of James Colgan have experience not only with criminal defense but also from the side of the prosecution. From traffic tickets to felonies, we can help you build a successful defense.


If the police contact you about a criminal matter, you should consider contacting a criminal defense attorney. Even if they tell you that you are not a suspect in the criminal matter, having an attorney can protect you from saying the wrong thing. The police can question you without a Miranda warning if you are not a suspect or if you are not being interrogated.

A questioning can turn into an interrogation at any point, so you should have an experienced criminal defense attorney present during the examination. If the questioning does turn into an interrogation or if the police suspect you of committing a crime, you will receive a Miranda warning. As soon as you hear them say you have the right to an attorney, call The Law Offices of James Colgan.


If the police bring you in for questioning and it turns into a custodial interrogation, the police will not allow you to leave the premises. If the police arrest you, you will be arrested, then released on bail, depending on the severity of the charges and your ability to make bail. A criminal defense attorney may not be able to prevent the arrest, but they can guide you through the process and make it more efficient.

Guilt vs. Innocence

Whether you committed the crime or not, you are entitled to a defense. There are many elements to a crime. Your committing the act does not necessarily constitute a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney can prevent the prosecution from proving their case against you in complicated situations like this.

If you are innocent, you may think explaining everything to the police will persuade the police to release you. Their job is to arrest someone for the crime and close the case. Anything you say will be used against you in court. As soon as you think the police suspect you of a crime, stop speaking with them and contact your criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of James Colgan.

Trial Preparation

Between your arrest and your trial, your criminal defense attorney will work with you to develop a defense strategy. Your criminal defense attorney will interview witnesses, review documents, and verify facts. The prosecution will have to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Your defense strategy will be to prove your innocence.

Criminal Defense

Colorado law has thousands of crimes with different defenses for each. If you are accused of a crime, you need the strongest possible argument. As a former prosecutor, James Colgan understands the law, as well as the mindset of the prosecution and how they build cases. His team at The Law Offices of James Colgan will prepare a strong defense for your case.

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