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Colorado laws criminalize the possession, distribution, and production of sexually explicit images and videos featuring minors. These child pornography laws spell out harsh felony charges and severe penalties. They do not, however, change the rights of the accused—including the right to maintain innocence until proven guilty and the right to obtain an experienced lawyer and mount a strong defense.

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At the Law Offices of James Colgan, we know how serious and crushing child pornography charges can be. We also know to craft a persuasive defense for even the most complex and serious cases. With experience in law enforcement, we have a deep understanding of how prosecutors build these cases and how to help our clients put up the fight of their life when it matters most.

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What Charges Are Filed for Child Pornography Offenses in Colorado?

Various charges can be filed in child pornography cases, with the nature, level, and type(s) of charges depending on factors like (but not limited to):

  • The age(s) of the alleged victim(s) portrayed in the materials
  • Whether the accused individual has prior sex crime or felony convictions
  • Whether production or distribution was allegedly involved
  • Whether the images were still or moving
  • The volume, number, or amount of illicit images involved

Based on these and other details, charges may include:

  • Sexual exploitation of a child: This involves possession, promotion, and/or publishing of child pornography.
  • Production or distribution of child pornography: These criminal charges can be filed when someone has allegedly made or circulated illegal sexual images with children in them.
  • Procurement of a child for sexual exploitation: This refers to the illegal act of making a minor available for and/or facilitating their involvement in prostitution or child pornography. This could include providing rides, and each ride could result in separate charges.

The following table shows the level of felony charges, along with the associated penalties, that can be filed when an individual is accused of one or more of the above offenses.

Child Pornography Charge in Colorado

Sexual exploitation of a child

Production or distribution of child pornography; OR
Procurement of a child for sexual exploitation

Felony Class

Class 4 Felony

Class 3 Felony


2 to 6 years

4 to 12 years

Fines & Parole

$2,000 to $500,000
3 years of parole

$3,000 to $750,000
5 years of parole

Please be aware that:

  • If the offense occurred online, “internet sexual exploitation of a child” charges can be filed: These charges are usually Class 4 felonies for a first offense.
  • A conviction for any of the above charges can bring other penalties: For example, having to register as a sex offender in Colorado is mandatory for those convicted of child pornography. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in new Class 6 felony charges.

How Can I Defend Myself Against Child Pornography Charges in Denver?

The best defense against child pornography charges is typically case-specific. That means the evidence, allegations, and circumstances involved can all impact which strategies may strengthen the defense’s rebuttal to the charges. Attorney James Colgan can tell you more about your best defense options after hearing more about your case.

Generally, however, powerful defense strategies can include arguing and demonstrating that:

  • The defendant was not aware that (s)he possessed the illicit images.
  • The police violated the defendant’s fourth amendment rights, conducting an illegal search and seizure of the evidence.
  • The alleged victims were not minors.
  • The materials were possessed for a legitimate, non-sexual reason, like in the case of a licensed doctor possessing images to provide treatments or evaluations.

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Accusations related to child pornography can turn your life upside down and put everything you care about in jeopardy. When you are facing any type of child pornography charges in Denver, you can rely on Denver Sex Crimes Defense Attorney James Colgan for a strong defense. Passionate, tireless, and experienced, Attorney James Colgan can:

  • Explain your options
  • Help you anticipate the challenges ahead
  • Advise and guide you every step of the way
  • Relentlessly advocate your rights while striving for the best possible resolution

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As a fierce, trusted advocate for his clients, Attorney James Colgan is known as a “pit bull in the courtroom.” That’s because he fights for reduced charges, lesser pleas, dismissals, and acquittals whenever possible. Trial-tested and recognized for his record of success, Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer James Colgan is the attorney you can turn to when it’s time to navigate the complicated legal system, put up the fight of your life, and set your child pornography defense case up for a successful resolution.

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